The Law Offices of Karina Arzumanova, P.A., helps individuals and multinational corporations in Miami and South Florida obtain all types of visas. International travelers come to the United States for a variety of reasons, including employment, tourism, medical care, and investment. No matter what your reason for entering the United States, we treat every client with respect and compassion every step of the way.

Since 2008 Florida has ranked 2nd in the states with the most frequent destination for nonimmigrant admissions. For the past three years, over 4 million people were granted entry through nonimmigrant visas at the port-of-entry in Miami, Florida. In a location where immigration services needs are widespread, our immigration law attorneys can assist you every step of the way towards your legal entry into the United States. Our immigration law attorney can determine if you qualify for one of the following admissions classes below.

Types of Visas and Permits:

  • Extension of Stay – An extension of the visa expiration date.
  • Fiance Visa – Grants admission to travel to the United States for marriage to his or her U.S. citizen sponsor.
  • Temporary Work Visas – A classification of visas granted to allow internationals to work in various fields for a determined amount of time.
  • Reentry Permit – For reentry into the United States after being abroad for a year or more.
  • Foreign Student Visa – For students enrolling in academic programs in the United States
  • Resident Status (Green Cards) – For those who want to immigrate permanently to the United States through sponsorship of a U.S. citizen family relative or employer.