Child Support Law

For children to grow up healthy and happy into well-adjusted adults, they need adequate financial support and emotional care throughout their lives.With advancements in child support processing such as Florida’s Department of Child Support Revenues e-Services and Direct Deposit, providing for the livelihood of a child has never been easier. Our law firm can calculate your child support payments based on Florida’s child support guidelines. Florida’s child support guidelines are based on the income of both parents, health care and child care costs, and the standard needs of the child. These guidelines are strict, but they will adjust payments whenever income changes significantly. While you can use online child support calculators, they do not constitute the actual amount you may be expected to pay. The court will have final authority over child support payments depending on each individual case.

A the Law Office of Karina Arzumanova, P.A. we will prepare defend your child support case so that your children are provided for fairly and adequately. No matter the context through which child support matters arise, we can assist married and unmarried individuals determine the correct amount of child support according to the Florida child support guidelines.

Generally, child support cannot be waived, and it is regulated so that there is statewide uniformity with each court-ordered payment of child support. In most cases, child support begins upon separation before a petition for divorce is filed.

Whichever parent carries the the child’s health insurance or provides daycare expense will receive a contribution from the other parent. The other parent has opportunity to modify child support payment whenever expenses change. For example, if a noncustodial parent contributes to daycare costs and if a child no longer attends daycare, the noncustodial parent has a right to request a modification of child support payment.

The child support payment process is calculated based on the variables of income and expense in each family. Our family attorney provides excellent services and will clearly explain each procedure and process so that all the child support guidelines are followed.